Company Strike Off

Liquidating a company can be a costly process at a time when managing cost is of paramount importance.

There are many fees that arise along the process. We are able to offer a service that can be more cost effective. Applicable to companies that are insolvent and with minimal assets, we call it the ‘strike off process’. It is a more affordable alternative for liquidisation with lower, fixed costs – unlike that of a full liquidation (CVL).

What is the Strike Off Process?
The aim of this process is to have your business struck from the Companies House Register and dissolved. It is not a formal insolvency procedure and neither is it a formal liquidation – hence the reduced fees.

What we can do for you:
Our aim is take all your stress and worry away, we want to help you get back to normality and feel in control of your life again.

An initial meeting will allow us to fully understand your company’s financial position, and give us the opportunity to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

We would then begin to review your options and identify the pros and cons of each. If we both decide that Strike Off is the best option for your company, we begin the process.

From here onwards, we take full control of the situation and deal directly with your creditors (including HMRC, employees and bailiffs is appropriate) on your behalf.  This includes preparing any and all documents that they need to receive and being their point contact. We also ensure that all legislation is adhered to and that we meet all requirements to ensure the process is successful.

If you would like to discuss the strike off process further please contact us by phone on 01656 661426 or email Clive at