Voluntary Arrangements

Sensible Debt Advice is licensed to protect you from your creditors taking action against you. Company and Individual Voluntary Arrangements are a part of this service.

Voluntary Arrangements are legally binding, and work to find a solution that reaches a satisfactory agreement with creditors.  You may be required to sell an, inject capital or agree that future earnings will be used to pay off historical debt.

Facilitated by our team, Voluntary Arrangements will work to ensure that your business is wound up, or continuous to trade in a stress free environment in which all stakeholders are in agreement. There are two kinds:

Individual Voluntary Arrangement
Through a structured and regulated process, we’ll work with you to develop a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors that can freeze interest and charges on existing debts, and works to settle any unsecured debt.

Company Voluntary Arrangement
This is an equivalent to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, but relates to businesses. It may allow you to keep control of your company, and even keep staff in employment.

To find out more about Company and Individual Voluntary Arrangements and have a confidential and informal discussion about what your options are, please just contact us.